TWELVE by Lauren Fahy.

Currently in pre-production. Expected release March 2020. 

Twelve is an arthouse documentary focusing on encouraging activism in light of the climate crisis. It aims to be both an educational and entertaining piece of art.

Directed by Lauren Fahy.

Choreographed by Paul Wilson.

Music by Jadon Cuin.

More information coming soon.


Cast and Crew (Original).

Lauren Fahy, Rachel Brierley, Alex Carr, Laura Kilfoye, Alfie Boynton.
Tom Coleman, Jamie Peacock, Gareth Crawshaw, Jordan Barkley, Alisdair Reid, TJ Hilton, Josh Ennis, Elliott Crinson, Luke Morgan, Connor Burns, Neil MacDonald.


The prerequisite short film to new play "A Sacred Thing" by author, Laurence Power.

Based on a true story from 1946, this film aims to give context to a play set in 1959 that follows the jury deliberations of a race trial set to make history.

Cast and Crew.

Lauren Fahy, Alex Carr, Jadon Cuin.
Wayne Parker, Fahad Ibrahim, Samuel Minakam, David Freemo, Marius Van Den Burg.

A SACRED THING by Laurence Power.

Southern justice is torn to shreds during the jury deliberations in a race trial set to make history. Based on a true event. A young African-American boy is murdered at the hand of the town Sheriff. The charge? Manslaughter. The play follows the jury's deliberations on a hot Tennessee day, as they try to decide to go with justice, and convict or tradition and acquit. The play is based around the true story of James Stephenson, a 2nd World War Veteran, who was lynched over a broken radio. Each of the 12 Jury members has their own motivations for this case, as the play progresses, and the day grows hotter, their stories unfold.

See stills from our performances in the gallery or by clicking the link below!

Audience reviews:

"A passionate piece of art by all involved."

"I have been moved, stunned, and reduced to tears. An amazing play, with strong performances all around." 

"Not only was the play beautifully written, but it was also presented in a way that kept me on the edge of my seat."

"I'm 69 and have seen countless productions. This was by far and away the most powerful and moving one I have ever had the pleasure to experience."

"A controversial topic, done tastefully and respectfully."

"The characters have so much heart, conviction, integrity, and ultimately conscience to go on the journey that they do. A beautiful piece of storytelling told in a wonderful way."


A dance film depicting the flaws of a Lover.

“When you find the right person you just fuse together, hence the use of colour in this piece. It shows the desire to be loved, but how that can be your downfall should you focus your love on the wrong person” -A. Hamilton

Cast and Crew.

Lauren Fahy, Amy Mathers, Jadon Cuin, Billy Taylor. Charlie Collinson, Kel Nknondock, Athena Morris, Naomi McPartlan.